New Elle || Ellapond

Elle had tried to make it back around the same time she had left, and day. But that didn’t seem to work out as she wanted. Instead she ended up back two weeks later than when she had disappeared. It was the middle of the night when she returned home, parting ways with Athene, knowing she needed to do confront Ella on her own.

When she got there though she found no Ella in the flat at all, not in her room or anything. While waiting she took a long shower and got changed, finding that some of her clothes were a size or two too small, but she didn’t let that discourage her. While trying out pretty much all her clothes, she made a mess of her room. Bored and feeling lazy she flops onto her bed, in nothing but purple, frilly boy short style panties and a matching camisole. 

It was nearing dawn now as she hung  her head upside down of the side of the bed, staring out the window, watching the birds in the tree, pretty much zoning out completely, not hearing when a certain flat mate entered the flat.

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    Ella watches Ella get off of her and stretch. “Do I have to?” she whines before starting to get to her feet.
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    "Only you can get away with it." She grinned and nipped at her lip a moment before pulling away, she moved off the young...