I want to cuddle you

I want to cuddle you too, babe. I love you. 

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You don’t even understand.

it goes from like deep to girly, its so weird

My day time voice is pretty odd.

you have a night time voice?

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James & Elle (Closed RP)



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Flesh ~ James



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A gasp escaped Elle followed by a moan and a smirk. “Hello to you too.” she chuckles as her fingers tangle in his hair while her other arm slipped around him. It had been just a couple days since they had last saw each other, but from James’ actions it made it feel like it had been much much longer. 

"That all sounds good. I"m starved." he chuckled as she grabbed his hand and took him to the kitchen.  

James puts his hands on her hips as she pulls him close and he pulls her close to him.  ”What should we do in the meantime then doll.” he chuckled as he leaned in and gave her a soft kiss.  ”I can set the table if you would like.” he offered.  


Elle returns the kiss with a soft smile, it was crazy how quickly they had fallen for each other. She hadn’t said those three important words just yet, rushing this was the last thing she wanted to do. “Hmm, I think that would be wonderful.” she smiles and nods to the cupboard with the dishes. “Plates are there, silverware the draw below.” She steals another kiss before slipping away from him and going to the fridge.

"Water, beer, or wine?" she questions curiously as she slightly bend over to look at a lower shelf, her dress hiking up in the back slightly.

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Aiden & Elle || aidenofasgard (Closed)


Aiden sleeps soundly for several hours. Despite his lack of sleep, he could only sleep for so long.

Elle could only sleep for so long, a few hours max, unless she was truly exhausted, in this case she hadn’t been. When she woke though, she was being used as a living teddy bear and there was no possible way that she could remotely slip away. She’s forced to wait out the remainder of his sleep, her need to pee growing stronger and stronger with each passing hour. 

She occupied herself by simply watching him sleep, and enjoying this closeness, he was so precious to her, and it finally dawned on her how much she really was in love with him. Smiling to herself she snuggles closer to him and relaxes, not quite dozing off. She stayed like this until she felt him stir a little as he began to wake and then she snuggled impossibly close. 

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"… And a warm wave wind…" by FILOSOF77

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"I’m becoming more silent these days. I’m speaking less and less in public. But my eyes, god damn, my eyes see everything."

—(via mesmarie)
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I want to _____ you.

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Text Memes - Send one to my muse


[text]: I’m lost

[text]: Can you come and pick me up?

[text]: I can’t find my phone??

[text]: It was good catching up the other day, we should do it again some time?

[text]: I’ve done something stupid…

[text]: Where are you?

[text]: I love you.

[text]: I miss you.

[text]: Why didn’t you come?

[text]: You know that thing you wanted me to do? I kinda forgot to do it…

[text]:  ;)

[text]: What time are you coming over?

[text]: I hate you.

[text]: What are you up to this evening? Maybe we could hang out.

[text]: I’ll be over in 5 mins

[text]: fuck off

[text]: k

[text]: I’m pregnant.

[text]: Someone told me something about you today…

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╰☆╮ ~ James

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James & Elle (Closed RP)



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